Monday, 9 March 2015

XAMPP Server Error: Port 80 in use by "........." with PID .....!

Hey Friends! If you are using XAMPP control panel to host your web applications/projects on your local machine and you are facing a problem related to the port. Then no need to be worried, as it's very often.

Now let me tell you how this error actually looks like. In my case, when I try to start Apache server under XAMPP control panel, it gives me an error which exactly looks like this:

Well I think its not a problem or any kind of error, its just a warning message to you that the particular port you are requesting is being used by some another program, as in my case you can easily see, this port is being used by PRTG Netwotk Monitor.

Actually, By default port no:80 is used by any server to perform an http request. So, If you are facing same kind of problem you can resolve this very easily as you will have to just change the port number in httpd.conf file.

Now lets have a look on what I did:

Step 1: Go to C drive (in case of windows)/xampp/apache/conf/ and open httpd.conf file in notepad++ or any text editor.

Step 2: Change port no: 80 to 81 at three places (line 57, 58 and 219)as shown in picture below.

Step 3: Save the file and restart your apache server(by clicking start button in XAMPP control panel).

All done you are!
Enjoy your projects...!!!

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